Time for a change

Our website has been around for a few years now. It’s done us proud but the time has come to upgrade. There are lots of things we’d like it to do but the technology won’t allow. So we’re embarking on a project to start afresh.

We’ve had a good look through the analytics of the website already which show our users voting with their feet and supports our need to modernise.

Whilst we do, we’ll be blogging progress here to share how we’re getting on, but also invite thoughts and comments.

First job is to properly get to grips with who uses our website, email and social media so we’re about to launch a survey to make our way towards understanding that. We’re hoping to see patterns of needs and wants from a large group of respondents that we can then follow up with interviews and with that insight, make sure what we create from then on, meets those needs.

More on that soon.

In the meantime though, we’ve now got a wikipedia page (woo!) and are in the final throws of grappling with Google Places to ensure when our shops and outreach centres rank on Google, the information within – location, opening times, contact details – is accurate and optimised for mobile.

(My blog republished from Dorothy House Digital)