As Les Dennis would say, ‘Our survey said’

To get our heads around overhauling our website, we’ve had a first pass at auditing the content, looking at page titles and meta data initially as well as visitor stats. That data has helped us create an up-to-date site map but also colour code each item dependant on the traffic to create a ‘heat map site map’.

Dorothy House site map / heat map

It shows that:

  • Users don’t delve too far into the site, either from Google or by navigating when they arrive. A common problem for an old site that hasn’t kept pace with technology.
  • ‘Home’, ‘recruitment’ and ‘contact’ are our busiest pages. Maybe because they rank first on Google and also for ‘contact’, because maybe users would rather speak to the phone.

So we know more about what’s hot and what’s not, we’re finding out about the why, so we’ve just launched a survey to get the ball rolling. After then we’ll do more user testing to make better the way the site is organised and designed.

Whilst responses roll in, we’re looking deeper into on and off page search engine optimisation and also collecting examples of websites we think are good, that we could learn from. Those examples will be stuck to that space on the right in the pic. Any ideas?

(My blog republished from Dorothy House Digital)