Mine’s a pint

I saw an article on Twitter UK’s blog the other day, with my old boss, Jeremy, talking about how Heineken use the platform the engage audiences around the world. Here’s short interview…

A lot of the stuff he talked about reminded me of our working together c2005-7 at an agency on the the Stella Artois account. Whilst technology has come on leaps and bounds since then (Twitter only launched around then) the principles of drinks marketing – activation, global & local, storytelling – have remained fairly consistent.

I’ve moved sectors since then, but reading this blog reminded me how grateful I am to have worked with Jeremy and the Stella Artois guys. Looking back in a Sliding Doors fashion, I wonder where my career might be now had that not have happened.

Either way, I owe Jemery a lot. Not least a pint of Heineken, though my loyalty to Stella Artois* remains ;o)

*For some reason (probably becuase of my working on it once upon a time, I always call it Stella Artois and wince at anyone calling it otherwise


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