Dart Music Festival: like Glastonbury, but…

Last weekend, the in-laws took my wife and I to Dartmouth I’m Devon for its annual music festival and it was amazing. Have a look at this short video…

Free to go, the atmosphere is amazing. It’s funded by local business sponsorship and donations when you get there. I’d compare it to Glastonbury for the atmosphere side of things, though the majority of punters are 30s – 50s. That said, there’s a good representation of youf most of which go along with their families or mates and have been going for years. The ways the festival is *not* like Glastonbury is that it doesn’t have massive headliners (albeit some very talented acts) it doesn’t take you ages to get from venue to venue and the only illegal activity looks like the occasional bit of double parking. So it’s right up my street.

Format wise, it’s like the Camden Crawl in that loads of pubs, halls and shops open their doors to music from lunchtime until 11ish. There’s a lot of folk, rock, jazz and acoustic – the sort of stuff you’d expect from a festival by the sea. Every corner you turn, there are people playing something and everyone’s up for a good time.


The unbroken sunshine and beautiful scenery certainly helped


My top acts were acoustic fella, Albert Jones and funky / hip hoppy (?) band, Land of the Giants. Check out how they wrapped up the last gig on the main stage.

Accommodation’s booked for next year. See you down the front.


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