User survey does not equal a free lunch, it turns out

We’ve spent the last few weeks conducting a survey to understand what people need and want from our website. The survey was incentivised with a free lunch at Guyer’s House(kindly donated by the hotel) but it seems the most responses came when we just asked for help.

Anyhow, the data’s in and shows some interesting patterns. Notably that the content the survey respondents told us was most important doesn’t correlate with what Google Analytics shows had the most traffic. This suggests that there’s work to be done to help users find content which should be fixed with improved navigation and site layout, as well as writing with Google in mind as so much traffic come from it.

To be sure, we’ll do some 1:1 interviews with some respondents who offered to help out with more research, the final piece – the comprehension part – of this puzzle. For now anyway.

user research triangle: Triangle showing 3 points of user research: Attitude, Behaviour, Comprehension

Triangle showing 3 points of user research: 1. Attitude (gleaned from user surveys), 2. Behaviour (gleaned from web stats) and 3, Comprehension (gleaned from interviews and the rest).

(Republished from Dorothy House’s blog)


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