Improving the website sign up process

People sign up to this website everyday but some pop up usability sessions (as per video below) that I ran at Venturefest Bristol, Midlands and Oxford identified that I wasn’t an easy task.
We were collecting a lot of information and as with any digital content, people drop off the longer it is. That pattern isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the users who really want to interact with us complete but, we shouldn’t make the process unnecessarily drawn out.
The new sign up form sticks quite rigidly to ‘one thing per page‘ and stats so far show a pattern of slower drop off (light orange bars compared to the dark orange of the old form). Upon completion, most carry on to explore our partner search as well which is the website’s richest piece of content.
Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 8_55_56 AM
This is a good starting place for further optimisation. We’re about to start a piece of work – called discovery – to explore how EEN online end-to-end could be better, it’s part of a project to replace this website. Expect lots of blog posts about our progress and in the meantime, we’ll use that thinking to shape any tweaks to this current sign up form.