Next generation website. 1st week of ‘discovery’

It’s been a while coming but this week, things got underway with a five week project to reimagine what this website could be. The intention being that we’ll relaunch this website in the future.
We’re following a product development methodology called agile which means things are done quickly and tested with users and then iterated to make better. This five week project is known as ‘discovery’ in the trade which focuses on both user research and technology architecture in equal measure.

Interviews and user journeys



We’ve spoken to 4 users and 6 stakeholders. Next week the user interviews continue and all are contributing to the journey we’re mapping which shows users interacting and getting value from the jewel in EEN digital estate; the partnering opportunities database. It’s really interesting to hear perspectives from both sides and the experiences tends to be positive albeit, there’s work to be done to improve the web experience.
Like I say, this research will continue and will shape the priorities, features and user stories we need to address when tacking a rough prototype the week after. We’ll be presenting this back to the EEN management team to sense check and double check that we’re on the right lines.
This five week project will conclude with a rough prototype of what the new website could be. We’ll test it with some users and compare it against benchmarks on this existing site.



EEN technology architecture

Technology is the other piece of the puzzle, and I think the hardest. There are a lot of documents to read, conversations to be had and common sense to be applied to what the best technology choices should be. This is the role of a technology archtect who thinks about things end to end and of course there are a lot of open standards and reusable code parameters to work within. The back end for our EEN colleagues needs to be as intuitive as the front end will be for our clients. While this five week project won’t go in to the nuts and bolts of what button goes where, it will make recommendations that we should work within as the project progresses.
The tech work started a little way into the week so is only a few days in. That’s because we as a team needed to be across user journeys first and listen in on the interviews.
All existing stuff. Will blog again next week.

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