Next generation website. 2nd week of ‘discovery’

We’ve concluded week two and things are progressing well.

User research

Interviews continue and consistent patterns are emerging. This will be summarised into user stories which follow this format…
As a…
I need to…
So I can…
They’ll also be prioritised when creating and refining the prototype so we tackle the most important things first. These stories will be bolstered by a survey we’re about to launch, to identify things the interviews might have missed. We also spent some time this week at Innovate 2015 talking to and getting under the skin of our audience.
Also, for context, here are a few insights from Google Analytics on this current site…
  • Traffic peaks first thing in the morning and mid-afternoon
  • The lion’s share of traffic is on desktop
  • Desktop users spend longer on the site and navigate more pages compared to mobile or tablet users
  • The morning peak is driven by email alerts pointing back to business partnering opportunities
  • Whilst mobile usage isn’t high on the site, it peaks a little in the morning, as does the bounce rate (people leaving the site without clicking on any other pages).


A few of us in the team spent time looking at the existing processes on the site (as is) and then went through them again as if the site didn’t require a password (as it could be).
EEN without a password
This is a departure from what colleagues and clients are used to but if we crack it, it will make it easier to interact with the site. It’s something central government push for, so we’ll see if it works for users. If not, we’ll revert back.
I’m really looking forward to getting the prototype started. It’s when things come together but it could also shape how things are done on the interim site. Development starts next week.


This will pick up pace next week with meetings with the existing supplier, Contracts Finder (whose code base we might be able to reuse) as well as the guys who are configuring the CRM piece of the puzzle.
– – –
More next week.

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