Next generation website. 3rd week of ‘discovery’

Things are coming together now


The several user journeys mapped out previously have come together in a first pass prototype. A step beyond sketches on paper or wireframes, the user experience designer has used Axure to make a cliackable experience we can talk around and improve upon.
Some of the choice picks we’ll test with users next week are:
  • Searching profiles is striped right back to a keyword search, with a couple of advanced options if users want them.
  • The notion of not needing a password is still with us and feels fine.
  • We’ve worked up different information architecture structures for the site aligned to user needs that previous weeks’ research had highlighted. The biggest bit still to explore is EEN and its connections with other organistaions and services. We’ve got tremendous opportunity here, but there’s a lot of thinking to do to make the eventual online experience simple.


We have really useful conversations with the guys behind this website, the guys configuring Salesforce and also Contracts Finder. The latter is more a peripheral thing that we may or may not syndicate our content to one day. Would be good for SEO. Our friends at UKTI’s ExportingisGREAT are a little further along that conversation than we are, which will save us some headaches, I’m sure.

User research

We’ve worked up 30 (and counting) user stories like these…
As abusiness owner
I want toget advice and support
so that I can grow my business internationally
As a business owner
I want toUnderstand the service
so that I know whether this service would be worthwhile for me
As abusiness owner
I want tostay informed on new opportunities based on my needs
so that I don’t miss a partnering opportunity
…which we’ll consolidate and prioritise. We also launched a survey to check we haven’t missed anything obvious.

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