Next generation website. 4th week of ‘discovery’

That’s week 4 wrapped up…

Usability testing

We’re in the thick of usability testing now, which means showing the prototype to users to see what they make it.
Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8_23_30 AM
So far these have all been done over webex (the purple circle in the photo hides the participant’s webcam – their face hidden for their privacy, but you get the idea). Webex is working well, but we’ll pop up at events next week (like I did for some usability sessions on the current site) which always gets better results.
Feedback on the prototype so far is encouraging. Nothing that’s been put in front of users has failed so we’re tweaking as we go.


Parallel to this, we’re looking at content of the existing site and how this meets user needs. The audit has reinforced the feeling I’ve talked about before: we ‘tell’ rather than ‘show’. The next step is to write content in a format that works better for our users and drop that into the prototype for testing with a broader range of users and potential clients.
I’m looking forward to sharing this with colleagues in a week or so – should make for an interesting discussion.

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