Next generation website. 5th week of ‘discovery’

Tweaking the prototype and the technical architecture is concluding now.


The prototype has iterated a fair bit and this week we have tested with existing clients, as well as potential clients at a Horizon 2020 event on robotics, as well as a Knowledge Transfer Network thematic event on water and the environment. (Faces hidden for participant’s privacy.)
The learnings just keep on coming, which is great. Some bits of the prototype have proven to be intuitive enough that they just work, others have needed a tweak or two and there are some we will tackle when we get to alpha.

Technical architecture

I’ve said all along that this is the toughest bit to crack and it has to be said that Geoff has done a fine job in doing just that. Current draft summarised in the below for those – like I – who are in to this sort of stuff…
EEN to be v3
…the technical architecture is… er… quite technical but given the various elements to it, I’m pleased with how it has shaped up and the various CRM and API integrations have flexed to make the whole thing work.


David has spent time auditing our existing content. There’s a lot of potential in our case study and blog content, but I think we’re guilty to ‘telling’ rather than ‘showing’ what we do. Something to address in the coming weeks and months, but feels the right way to go for users, google and our communications.
showing not telling
That pretty much concludes the discovery project. Next step, alpha, where the prototype will be written in live code. Until then though, expect some of the things we’ve learnt to be implemented on this site 🙂

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